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VFC MP7 HPA Drop-In Kit, Incls: PolarStar Engine

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    This BCI VFC MP7 HPA Drop-In Kit is perfect for HPA users and airsoft enthusiasts. It includes a pre-installed PolarStar HPA engine and gearbox, meaning zero alignment issues. Plus, it comes with a 6.01mm upgraded inner barrel and bucking for improved accuracy and efficiency. As an added bonus, it requires only a minimal amount of body modification for install and is trusted across the world for its flawless design.

    The trigger install may be a little tricky but with a little patience it is not complicated. We have an installation video available for both the trigger and the gearbox.

    This MP7 drop-in kit comes ready to drop-in, a small body modification is needed and a tiny bit of patience installing the trigger!

    • PolarStar engine you choose.
    • Custom gearbox designed, printed, processed and assembled in house. 
    • Custom flat/straight or curved trigger 
    • 6.01id 250mm inner barrel
    • CNC aluminum threaded 14mm CCW anodized outer barrel (or choice of 12mm CW - Original thread size)
    • Upgraded bucking, proven consistency.
    • Printed barrel safety cap for shipping
    • Oem hop up unit (working on our own design and possibly fitting after market in the future)
    • HPA male quick disconnect macro line fitting - non-filtered.
    • Superb air efficiency! 1 piece design, easy install - amazing performance!

    • This gearbox is designed to keep the engine in place, so alignment won't ever be an issue.

    Also, the latest gearbox is designed for easy hop up and bucking maintenance without having to worry about opening the whole gearbox and ruining the wiring and voiding our warranty.

    This comes with our spec sheet, tuned for our low altitude, muggy climate - there may need to be a few minor adjustments, but you'll always have a baseline to start over if settings get wild.

    FINALLY, the MP7 that we've all hoped for!

    If you plan to run heavier weight bb's, consider the GSI Aluminum Hop Up Arm. We would be happy to install it for you before shipping it out to you!  See...VFC MP7 Aluminum Hop Up Arm to add to your order.

    VFC MP7 HPA Drop-In Kit, Incls: PolarStar Engine
    • PolarStar JACK / Straight / Flat / 14mm CCW (negative) - $859.95
    • PolarStar JACK / Straight / Flat / 12mm CW (positive) the original size - $859.95
    • PolarStar JACK / Curved / 14mm CCW (negative) - $859.95
    • PolarStar JACK / Curved / 12mm CW (positive) the original size - $859.95
    • PolarStar F2 / Straight / Flat / 14mm CCW (negative) - $999.95
    • PolarStar F2 / Straight / Flat / 12mm CW (positive) the original size - $999.95
    • PolarStar F2 / Curved / 14mm CCW (negative) - $999.95
    • PolarStar F2 / Curved / 12mm CW (positive) the original size - $999.95