The Ultimate LMG: The Stoner 63

Picture of our Shop Stoner 63, Decked Out From Tip to Butt

In the realm of airsoft, where history meets cutting-edge gameplay, the G&P Stoner 63 has emerged as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking a blend of Vietnam-era authenticity and modern adaptability. With its roots deeply embedded in the iconic military conflicts of the past, the Stoner 63 has become a top pick among airsofters, offering a unique experience that pays homage to its Vietnam heritage while embracing the spirit of innovation.

Vietnam Heritage and AR Platform Familiarity

The G&P Stoner 63 carries the legacy of the Vietnam War, and its design reflects the ingenuity of the era. The firearm's fire controls closely mimic those of the AR platform, providing a seamless transition for players familiar with this widely used system. This feature not only enhances user comfort but also adds a touch of historical authenticity to the airsoft experience.

Versatility of the Standard Version 2 Gearbox

At the core of the Stoner 63's performance lies its standard Version 2 gearbox. This gearbox not only ensures reliability but also opens the door to a world of aftermarket internal components. Airsofters can make repairs and implement performance upgrades with ease, tailoring their Stoner 63 to meet the demands of the battlefield.

Out-of-the-Box Capabilities and Vintage Design

Fresh out of the box, the G&P Stoner 63 stands as one of the lightest and most capable LMGs in the airsoft game. However, as a design born more than 60 years ago, it lacks certain modern features. While it captures the essence of its era, players seeking a contemporary edge may find themselves yearning for additional customization options.

Bridging the Gap with Custom 3D Printed Parts

Enter the era of modernization for the Stoner 63. Our line of custom 3D printed parts opens up a world of possibilities, allowing players to bring their dated replicas into the modern age and actively participate in the culture of pushing Stoner modifications to the extreme.

Extreme Modding with Custom Parts

Our custom 3D printed parts redefine what's possible with the Stoner 63. From standard AR or MCX-style stocks to mounting options for optics, lasers, lights, grips, and more, the possibilities are limitless. Features like the shortened outer barrel, optic-ready dust cover, and M249 box mag adapter not only enhance versatility but also significantly reduce the platform's weight.

In the world of airsoft, the G&P Stoner 63 stands as a bridge between historical significance and modern innovation. With its Vietnam heritage, AR platform familiarity, and the ability to adapt through custom 3D printed parts, the Stoner 63 invites players to engage in a unique blend of past and present. As enthusiasts mod their Stoners to the extreme, the G&P Stoner 63 becomes not just a replica but a canvas for personal expression and a testament to the enduring appeal of this iconic firearm.

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