Double the Action: A Weekend of Milsim Mayhem at Two Thrilling Events

Double the Action: A Weekend of Milsim Mayhem at Two Thrilling Events

As the new year kicks off, airsoft enthusiasts gear up for an action-packed weekend with two thrilling events – Blacksite 3 hosted by American Milsim in Anniston, Alabama, and Augusta Airsoft's 7 Hours of Dogtown in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Our team is splitting up to attend both events, promising players an unforgettable experience filled with intense battles and camaraderie.

Blacksite 3 by American Milsim (January 19th - 21st):

The first stop on our airsoft adventure is Blacksite 3, an event hosted by American Milsim at an abandoned military police school and base in Anniston, Alabama. Kicking off on Friday, January 19th, with registration, chrono, and vendor exploration, the main event unfolds on Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st.

The event's unique Area of Operations (AO) boasts hilly terrain, dense wood lines dividing the field, and numerous multi and single-story buildings – a paradise for those eager to indulge in close-quarters combat. Many structures are pitch black, challenging players to rely on white light or night vision for proficiency. Having attended Blacksite 2, we can vouch for the unparalleled experience this AO offers.

Our team will be actively involved in the event, starting on Friday, where we'll assist our friends at the Body Armor Vent booth. This presents an excellent opportunity for attendees to approach our crew with any questions and get hands-on experience with our products. On Saturday and Sunday, we'll be fully immersed in the game, battling alongside fellow airsoft enthusiasts.

For ticket and event information, visit Blacksite 3 Event Info

7 Hours of Dogtown by Augusta Airsoft (January 20th):

Simultaneously, the rest of our team will be heading to Stuarts Draft, Virginia, for Augusta Airsoft's 7 Hours of Dogtown, a one-day event taking place on Saturday, January 20th. This event caters to both casual and experienced players seeking organized games without the unnecessary seriousness that can sometimes plague the airsoft community.

Augusta's well-developed field features a mix of urban and wooded environments, including cities of shipping containers and wood buildings, an intricate trench system, a challenging pond to navigate, and much more. The staff and player base at Augusta Airsoft are dedicated to fostering a positive gaming environment, actively working to limit player complaints, hit call-outs, and disruptive behavior.

For event details, check out 7 Hours of Dogtown Event Info.

Whether you choose the urban sprawl of Blacksite 3 or the diverse landscapes of 7 Hours of Dogtown, both events promise an exhilarating airsoft experience. The dedicated staff and player base at American Milsim and Augusta Airsoft ensure a memorable weekend of intense battles and genuine camaraderie. We eagerly anticipate playing alongside fellow enthusiasts at these incredible AOs and look forward to welcoming players to our booth at Blacksite 3. See you at the end of January in Alabama or Virginia – let the airsoft shenanigans begin!

Augusta Airsoft During "Siege of Stuarts Draft" (Left), Group Photo From American Milsim Blacksite 2

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